Improve your metrics and overall revenue with our private-label content recommendation platform.
Your very own
native advertising

  • Offer your publishers an innovative native advertising solution
  • Receive a private-labeled widget and reporting dashboard that's tailored to your needs
  • Quickly create new native advertising opportunities
  • Vastly increase impressions and clicks across your network inventory
Increase all
your metrics

  • Enjoy higher traffic from organic network-wide
    user circulation
  • Present an engaging unit with high CTRs
  • Generate higher net revenue per user on your current
    publisher traffic
your business
with native ads

  • Create a fresh incremental revenue stream
  • Introduce new ad spots to your advertisers
    and work with ours
  • Globalize your communication and reach
    different audiences
your success

  • Review your network activity while Publishers track their widget's performance
  • Aggregate your traffic statistics using ComScore, Nielsen or Google Analytics pixels
  • Consolidate reporting with your existing technology using our API solution