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  • "Since implementing Engageya’s widget I have noticed that my audience is browsing longer on my site than before. The recommended posts are getting clicked on and it has improved the way my readers engage. I have had wonderful assistance from customer service and am overall completely satisfied with my decision to add Engageya’s widget."
    Kayla from
  • "I noticed I was getting a lot of likes on my Facebook Fan Page, especially on older posts, and I wondered who was browsing through these. Then I remembered - I had Engageya's widget on my blog and it was recommending posts from my Fan Page! Since using Engageya on my site, my page views and Facebook likes have increased and many of my friends started using their widget too. Thank you Engageya!"
    Jong from
  • "I really appreciate how Engageya’s plugin seems to have actually "learned" my site enough to list posts that are similar to the one being read. For example, last weekend, when I posted a story about my Grandmother, the plugin listed a post where I had made her special cake the year before. This is exactly the kind of related content I would put if I were hand picking it."
    Alison from
  • "I was looking for ways to keep viewers on my blog and Engageya's free plugin helped me dramatically. My traffic and the time visitors spent on my site increased. Visitors were seeing other posts that were on my site without having to look for them. The plugin also made my posts more attractive and professional looking."
    Angela from
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What is native advertising?
"Ad strategies that allow brands to promote their content into the endemic experience of a site in a non-interruptive, integrated way."
"A form of media that's built into the actual visual design and where the ads are part of the content."
Engageya's Advantages:
  • 1Native contextual ad unit generates high traction rates and increased user engagement.
  • 2Technology is compatible with all languages and devices.
  • 3As your new advertising channel, it is an incremental revenue stream.